Token Snapshot Date Confirmed — MASQ

Feb 10, 2020

A further exciting announcement from our Committee at MASQ Project!

Snapshot date has been confirmed

The Committee will be using the date of the tokenomics announcement (6th Feb 2020) snapshot to avoid both manipulation and speculative trading of the previous coin.

After analysis, we determined that there have been no significant changes to token-holder balances between 24 Dec 2019 and 3:50pm 6th Feb 2020 PST in wallets off exchanges.

We are still coordinating the airdrop itself, so we don’t have an airdrop date at this time.

We kindly ask to refrain from repeatedly asking us about airdrop date, as we won’t know until we can confirm all aspects and funding for the full procedure.

We thank you all for your patience while we have been working hard to coordinate all the details of this

In all this excitement, please don’t miss out on visiting our brand new website and re-brand at

As all of our Committee are volunteers donating our time and efforts, we will rely on donations from our community to help fund airdrop services, gas fees and other related costs.

ETH address for any donations from our wonderful community:





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